Supportive Techniques for Challenging Times

Kinesiology with Carol Lee In these confronting times it is so easy to feel yourself spiraling down a pit; unintentionally aligning yourself with lower vibrations and ultimately feeling as though you are losing your centre. As leaders, change makers and dreamers working for the highest possible good for humanity, we need to re-centre ourselves as soon as possible and find our next step. From this place we can fully show up to play our part at this consciousness-raising time. Join Carol Lee, Kiniesiologist and Naturopath to learn 3 simple energy techniques you can use to ground yourself and return to a state of calm. Switching On The System – Working with the body’s natural acupressure points to balance your body, mind & emotions. Zip Ups – For protecting yourself from the collective anxiety, confusion and panic when you need to go outside. Three Thumps – Wake up your immune system and spark it into robust action!


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