Growing Through Physical & Emotional Pain

A Masterclass For Supporting Yourselves & Your Loved Ones During Coronavirus with Helen Treacy

As the world comes together by staying apart, it can be hard to know how to support your loved ones from afar. Especially those who experience chronic conditions which put them in the “at risk” category. For those who have received personalised self isolation instruction from the powers that be, the emotional landscape that usually comes with experiencing chronic pain and illness has become so much more rocky. 

Helen Tracey; NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach & Pain Management Practitioner joins the Priestess Collective to guide you through. 

If you are currently isolating, feeling the loneliness that accompanies this and live with a chronic condition, this class will provide you with techniques for radically reducing pain and understanding how you can still move forward and grow during this time. 

If you love someone who is isolating with a chronic condition, you’ll receive insight into the most powerful way to support them whilst discovering your own opportunities for growth and continued awakening that’s available through this experience. 



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