Collective Energetic Healing

Heal yourself, heal the world. It all starts within. As you begin to shift your energy, strengthen your aura and alchemise pain, you are able to alchemise the energy around you, allowing others to more easily access their own healing. 

Imagine the impact of 100’s of souls doing this together. 

Join Maria Anderson, Priestess of Re-birth to learn the art of channelling as a technique for self healing. Allow her to guide you through deep spiritual practice that will restore your sense of intimacy with your soul, your truest self. 

In times of uncertainty it is easy to subscribe to the illusion that you are not in control, that you are ruled by the circumstances you find yourself in and dictated by mass fear.

Coming home to your soul allows you to unlock your creative capacities and Divine potential, restoring your sense of purpose and motivating you to lead the way in the Divine opportunities that present themselves to the collective in times of great change. 


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