Activating The Power Of The Collective Consciousness

A 45 Minute Healing Meditation To Raise The Energetic Frequency Of Yourself & The Planet. 

Guided By Caroline Britton & Harriette Hale.  

We will be joined by other INCREDIBLY powerful healers from around the world as we call on the power of visualisation and group energetic work to raise the frequency of a planet that is currently locked in fear. We are going to be emitting pure love .

This is a time for leaning towards the light. For coming back to love in the face of our own shadows. For coming back to our truth.

That we are one.

One connectedness. From one Source. Part of one huge consciousness. 

Please join us in healing meditation to play your role in raising the vibration. 

The planet needs us. We need us. It’s time to step up.


  1. alli

    That was transformational- thank you ?

    • AskHarriette

      You are so welcome! Thank you for joining us and shifting the vibration of the planet ❤


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