Transform Your Heart Into Pure Light & Love 

A Live Guided Meditation With Dawn Coulton, Priestess of Love, and Harriette Hale, High Priestess of Light 

Thursday 21st May, 2pm UK. 

The heart holds so much of who we are. It’s chambers contain the stories of our past, the desires of our future, and the reality of our now. 

Our present reality is influenced by our past and constantly creating our future, so if those stories are ones of fear, grief and heartache, it is our responsibility to heal so they become simply memoirs; the experiences that shaped our power and strength, instead of the creative force that keeps desire trapped in this space, never to be realised. 

Join Dawn & Harriette to be guided, live, through the Mended Heart Meditation. Two powerful Priestesses of Light & Love will hold the energy for you as you go within. Witness and feel the shadows of past trauma and transmute them into pure light. 

Together, we will walk through each space of the heart, noticing the emotions being nurtured there and inviting white light from Source into each space. As you are supported and held in this safe space to feel through your emotions and pain, you will alchemise it all, creating a powerful energetic force with which to create any future you desire, and holding space for only love to enter as you return and move forward with life.  

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